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October 21, 2020

#2375: Worst Ladder

Worst Ladder

[Ponytail, Cueball, Hairy and Hairbun are sitting around a boardroom table. Megan is giving a presentation and pointing to a chart behind her.]

Megan: Our entertainment division is failing. We can’t compete with free content.

[A frameless panel. Only Megan is shown, with her pointer to her side.]

Off-panel voice: Where are they going? YouTube? TikTok?

Megan: No.

[Zoomed in on Megan.]

Megan: The Google Images search results for worst ladder.

Off-panel voice: Huh?

Off-panel voice: Let me see …

[Ponytail and Cueball are looking at one laptop, and Hairy and Hairbun are looking at a second. Megan has her arms out in front of her, frustrated.]

Ponytail: Yikes, look at this one! The stepladder is balanced on –

Hairy: Wow, they tied a ladder to –

Hairbun: Ooh, check out the –

Megan: No!