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October 16, 2020

#2373: Chemist Eggs

Chemist Eggs

[Cueball and Ponytail face a table with something like a lab stirrer or heater on it, supporting a flat-bottomed and -topped container from which bubbles are rising.]

Cueball: How will I know if the reaction fails?

Ponytail: You’ll smell the sulfides.

Cueball: What do those smell like?

Ponytail: Sulfurous. Rotten eggs.

[A new panel, the table is gone. Cueball is now facing Ponytail.]

Cueball: Chemists always compare sulfur to rotten eggs.

Cueball: But why would I know that smell?

Ponytail: I dunno, It’s a common thing!

[Ponytail puts her hand out.]

Cueball: Is it? My kitchen is messy, but there aren’t eggs lying around rotting.

Ponytail: You must have smelled one at some point.

[Ponytail is now walking right off-panel, away from Cueball. She is clenching her hands and is evidently annoyed]

Cueball: Are all chemists’ houses full of random raw eggs? Do you toss them over your shoulder for good luck?

Ponytail: My house is not full of eggs!

Cueball: What do you consider a normal amount of eggs in a house?

Cueball: If kids egg your house this Halloween, how will you know??