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January 24, 2020

#2259: Networking Problems

Networking Problems

[A chart is shown with one horizontal line with 13 ticks (the first larger) and ending in an arrow. There are three labels along the line, at the start in the middle an towards the end before the arrow. Below are two clouds in gray with labels. The first cloud is long and it is getting thinner towards the right. It goes between the first and second label above the chart. The second blob is smaller and of equal thickness and it goes from the last label towards right. Above the chart is a heading and a subheading:]

Types of Computer Problems

By how much debugging them makes your brain stop working

[The three labels above and the two in the clouds:]



A lot

Normal problems

Networking problems

[Below the chart, only in the right part of the comic is a comic drawing. Cueball is kneeling before a rack of servers. One of the server blades is extended and connected by a cable to a laptop sitting on a box, which Cueball is using. Behind Cueball, there is a wireless router sitting on a stool, which is connected by a cable to another wireless router sitting on the floor, which is connected to another laptop. From behind him to the right an off-panel voice emanates from a starburst at the edge of the panel.]

Cueball: Before noon, odd-numbered packets were laggy, but after noon, even-numbered ones are! It’s the opposite of yesterday!

Off-panel voice: Are you sure you’re okay?

Cueball: I’m fine and I believe in ghosts now!