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January 15, 2020

#2255: Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo Ideas

[A list with an underlined heading and then 14 items, the first 13 being struck out with a red line. The red lines are straight through the center of the text if the item is only on one line. The red lines are curly up and down if the items take up more than one line on the list. The last item has a red line around it in an ellipse.]

Tattoo Ideas

Lorem Ipsum Text

Email password

Graph of the popularity of tattoos over time, with the date I got the tattoo marked (update regularly)


Slide rule markings on forearms

Eurion constellation, so no one can photocopy pictures of me

The sentence “it’s what my tattoo says” written in another language

Tissot’s Indicatrix

Summary of the Snopes page on the tattoo epidural thing (lower back)

Pre-surgical checklist

Tattoo artist’s social security number

Boarding pass for an upcoming flight

Recap of the plot of Memento

This list, in its entirety