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January 10, 2020

#2253: Star Wars Voyager 1

Star Wars Voyager 1

[Cueball is looking down at the smartphone he is holding in one hand, while he is holding his other hand’s finger up in the air. He is standing behind an armchair where Megan is sitting reading a book or paper. She holds it open with both hands. She has turned her head halfway towards him. Sitting on the floor in front of her is Beret Guy, legs bent and leaning back resting on one hand, with his phone in the other hand.]

Cueball: The time it takes light to travel between Earth and Voyager 1 is exactly equal to the combined runtime of Star Wars episodes I-IX…

[A slim beat panel, showing only Cueball standing in the same pose as in the first panel.]

[Cueball looks up from his phone and raises his finger higher up. Megan has turned back to reading. Beret Guy looks up, and he has put his phone on the floor to put his, now free, hand on his heart, while singing, as indicated both with nodes before and after the lyrics he sings as well as letting his speech line start at a starburst near his head, rather than just beginning near the head, as normally.]

Cueball: …Now!

Megan: Weird that I don’t hear any fireworks.

Beret Guy (singing): Should ollld acquaintance be forgooot