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January 1, 2020

#2249: I Love the 20s

I Love the 20s

[Megan walks in from the left greeting Cueball, White Hat, and Ponytail standing next to each other, the last two looking in her direction.]

Megan: Happy new decade!

Ponytail: Welcome to the ’20s!

White Hat: Actually—

Ponytail: I’m excited we can name decades again.

Ponytail: “Aughts” and “teens” never caught on.

[Megan stops next to Cueball as White Hat has his finger raised.]

White Hat: Actually, the new decade doesn’t start-

Ponytail: Mostly, I’m just glad we can go back to attributing cultural trends to decades instead of generations.

[All four just stand normal.]

Cueball: Yeah.

Cueball: Decades were silly, but making everything about “millennials” turned out to be even worse.

Ponytail: Seriously.

[Only White Hat and Ponytail are shown, both with their arms held out to the sides.]

White Hat: It’s technically not a new decade until 2021.

Ponytail: OK, listen.

Ponytail: If you’re going to be pedantic, you should at least be right.

White Hat: I am right!

Ponytail: You’re not.

[Zoom in on White Hat and Ponytail’s upper bodies as they gesture towards each other both raising their hands palm up. Megan interrupts them from off panel, as made clear in the next panel. Her voice comes out of a starburst on the left panel frame.]

White Hat: See, the 20th century didn’t start until–

Ponytail: But decades aren’t centuries. They’re not cardinally numbered.

White Hat: You don’t get it. Let me draw a–

Ponytail: No, you don’t–

Megan (off-panel): Stop!

[All four characters are displayed again. Megan has raised a finger and all the others look at her.]

Megan: I can resolve this.

Megan: Ahem

Megan: MC Hammer’s U Can’t Touch This (1990) was featured in I Love the ’90s, not ’80s.

Ponytail: …That settles that.

White Hat: Yeah, I accept VH1’s authority.

White Hat: You win.