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September 6, 2019

#2199: Cryptic Wifi Networks

Cryptic Wifi Networks

[Knit Cap (who has a backpack) is checking a phone at the highest mountain in a mountainous landscape, with 5 snow covered mountain peaks behind, and a smaller peak connected to and just below that one. There seems to be no snow on those two peaks. Above is a view of the phone’s screen as indicated with a zigzag line from the phone’s screen to the frame with text. There is also a wifi icon at the top left and a padlock icon at the end of the second line of text. The bottom line is a gray font.]

Phone: Available WiFi Networks

Phone: Toshiba-U2187-OfficeLink-Net46UHZ

Phone: Join other network

[Caption below the panel:]

Tech Trivia: No one actually knows what devices produce those cryptic WiFi networks. They just appear at random across the Earth’s surface.