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September 30, 2019

#2209: Fresh Pears

Fresh Pears

[Megan is rattling the coin-slot of a machine while Beret Guy stands behind her arm held out towards her. The Machine has a tall wall in front of Megan, with only the coin-slot and a dispenser visible to her. Behind it is a hopper connected to the dispenser. On top of that is a two time folded arm with a gripper at the end. Below this is a box with a label. Beneath the box is a small cannon like protrusion, which shoots something into the dirt to the left of the machine. There are lines indicating both the explosion, the trajectory of the projectile and the impact with sounds noted at either end. Behind White Hat is a sign.]

Box Label: Seeds

Cannon: Ptoo

Impact: Thwup

Coin-slot: Rattle rattle

Megan: I put in my quarters. Is the machine broken?

Beret Guy: It just takes a while to work.

Sign: Fresh pears 50¢