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September 25, 2019

#2207: Math Work

Math Work

[White Hat is watching Cueball from a couple of meters away. Cueball is contemplating the formulas and diagrams that fills the blackboard he stands in front of. Cueball holds a chalk in his hand. None of the content on the blackboard is readable, but there is a diagram in the shape of a circle and a another pie shaped diagram. Both are thinking with large thought bubbles above their heads, with small bubbles connecting them and the larger bubble.]

White Hat (thinking): Amazing watching a physicist at work, exploring universes in a symphony of numbers.

White Hat (thinking): If only I had studied math, I could appreciate the beauty on display here.

Cueball (thinking): Oh no. This has two unknowns. That’s gonna be really hard.

Cueball (thinking): Ughhhhhhh.

Cueball (thinking): Think. There’s gotta be a way to avoid doing all that work…