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September 13, 2019

#2202: Earth-Like Exoplanet

Earth-Like Exoplanet

[Side view of Megan standing behind a lectern, speaking to an off-panel audience in front of her. Two people from the audience react to her statement.]

Megan: We’ve discovered the most earth-like exoplanet yet!

Off-panel voices: Yay!!

[Front view of Megan behind lectern:]

Megan: Well, it’s in the habitable zone. Habitable-ish. “Habitable.”

Megan: The survivable zone.

[In a frameless panel with the same setting as before, Megan holds her left hand out with palm up.]

Megan: It’s tidally locked. And blasted with stellar flares. And probably meteors. And bathed in acid.

[Closeup side view of Megan, now holding up a finger on her left hand. Again an unseen audience member replies.]

Megan: But we’ve detected water vapor! In between all the swinging blades.

Off-panel voice: I see.

Megan: We’re hoping to find biosignatures in the form of screaming.