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September 11, 2019

#2201: Foucault Pendulum

Foucault Pendulum

[Megan is addressing Cueball, Black Hat and Ponytail as they are looking a pendulum, which consists of a large swinging sphere with a spike beneath it hanging on a string coming down from above with seven small markers under it. Megan is pointing at it while it is swinging towards them, as indicated with lines behind the sphere and the string.]

Megan: This Foucault pendulum demonstrates Earth’s rotation. It stays in a fixed plane while the Earth rotates under it.

[Close-up on Black Hat holding a hand to his chin.]

Black Hat: Hmm, really.

Black Hat: So that means…

[Zoom out to Black Hat running to the pendulum grabbing it with both hands. He knocks over two of the seven markers that can now be seen to be small pegs standing up on he floor beneath the pendulum. A line goes from his hand on the pendulum up to a sound bubble. Two people off-panel yell at him.]

Character off-panel 1: Hey!

Character off-panel 2: Stop him!

Sound: Grab!

[Blondie as a news anchor uses her held out hand to indicate Black Hat who is shown on a screen next to her. There is a caption in two lines above it. The first line in normal text, the second line in white in a black rectangle. There are further unreadable text below the picture.]

Blondie: The Earth’s rotation was briefly halted today until geophysicists wrestled the intruder to the ground…