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August 9, 2019

#2187: Geologic Time

Geologic Time

[Megan, arms spread out, is delivering a long-winded explanation to Hairbun and Cueball.]

Megan: Imagine Earth’s history as a football field, from the planet’s formation at one end to today at the other.

Megan: Complex life would be largely limited to the final ten yards. Dinosaurs appear at the five-yard line, the age of mammals happens in the last 1½ yards, and humans arise in the final few millimeters.

Megan: All of written history would fit in a strip narrower than a single hair.

Megan: “Two weeks” would be too small to see even with a powerful microscope.

Hairbun: Mm hmm.

[Caption below the panel:]

Geologists always try this when they’re late turning something in.