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August 7, 2019

#2186: Dark Matter

Dark Matter

[Megan walks with Cueball. She is holding a hand out while telling Cueball something.]

Megan: Dark matter density in the solar system is around 0.3 GeV/cm3

Cueball: Is… that a lot?

[As they continue to walk and talk she spreads her arms out.]

Megan: In terms of mass, it means the Earth contains one squirrel worth of dark matter at any given time.

Cueball: Wow.

[In a frame-less panel Cueball stops while Megan walks past him. Megan is face-palming herself while looking down.]

Cueball: Is there any way to find out which squirrel it is?

Megan: No, it’s not literally-

[Cueball holds his hand with one finger up in front of Megan, while she has turned towards him and is holding both arms up, possible with balled fist, as she shouts back at him, shown both with large fat letters and with small lines emanating above her head.]

Cueball: Oh, that explains why they weigh enough to set off those spinning bird feeders!

Megan: Dark matter isn’t squirrels!