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August 30, 2019

#2196: Nice To E-Meet You

Nice To E-Meet You

[Cueball is sitting at his desk on an office chair, while typing at his laptop. The line he is writing on the computer is shown with white text in a black box up at the top of the panel while his thoughts shown in a thought bubble with small bubbles going to it from his head.]

Text: Nice to meet you!

Cueball [thinking]: That sounds weird; we’re not actually meeting in person.

Laptop: Type type

Laptop: Delete delete

[Same setting:]

Text: Nice to e-meet you!

Cueball [thinking]: What is this, a 1995 cyberpunk novel?

Laptop: Type type

Laptop: Delete

[Cueball stops typing and leans back resting an arm on the back of the chair while looking at laptop, no black box shown.]

Cueball [thinking]: OK.

Cueball [thinking]: Chill.

Cueball [thinking]: Just be normal.

[Cueball resumes typing a much longer text in two black boxes, one large with five lines of text, and a small below with one line.]

Text: It’s weird to think that the words I’m typing will be projected onto your retinas. It’s like my hands are touching your eyes.

Text: Anyway, hi.

Cueball [thinking]: Nailed it.

Laptop: Type type