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August 28, 2019

#2195: Dockless Roombas

Dockless Roombas

[Cueball and Megan walk in from the right and sees two Roombas on the ground in front of them.]

Cueball: Are those… Roombas?

Megan: Yeah, the dockless rental apps have really taken off.

[Cueball stops and turns to look at Megan, who has also stopped, as Beret Guy comes walking in from the left with his smartphone in his hand.]

Cueball: What?

[As Cueball and Megan turn to look at Beret Guy, he stops between the two Roombas, looking down at the Roomba to his left. He taps his smartphone and the Roomba makes a sound.]

Smartphone: Tap tap

Roomba: Unlock

[Beret Guy is squatting down on the Roomba as it drives him away, while Cueball and Megan turns to stare after him,]

Roomba: Whirrrr