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August 23, 2019

#2193: Well-Ordering Principle

Well-Ordering Principle

[Megan rubs a lamp held in her hands. A genie appears from the end of the lamp. The genie resembles the top half of Cueball’s body, with a head, torso, and crossed arms, but with a squiggle representing a puff of smoke in place of his legs.]

Genie: Greetings, mortal. You have freed me. I will grant you one wish.

Megan: Hmm.

[Megan holding the lamp to her side. The genie is off-panel.]

Megan: It’s been over 30 years since Back to the Future came out. Since then, probably hundreds of thousands of people have tried to dress as Marty McFly for Halloween.

Genie: OK, and?

[Megan, holding the lamp to her side, talking to the genie, who is floating in the air.]

Megan: Of those people, one of them must have done the worst job.

Megan: My wish is to see their costume.

[Megan still holding the lamp and talking to the genie. The genie is exasperated, and has his hands raised.]

Genie: Not a billion dollars? Flight? Infinite wishes?

Megan: These wish things are always traps.

Megan: Just show me the worst McFly and we’ll call it even.