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August 19, 2019

#2191: Conference Question

Conference Question

[Hairy stands on a podium having just addressed a crowd of seated people. Beret Guy stands in the middle of the crowd, addressing Hairy. One of Beret Guy’s hands is raised at chest height. The front row consists of Cueball, Ponytail, another Hairy, Megan, Hairbun, Danish and another Cueball.]

Beret Guy: I have a question.

Beret Guy: Well, less of a question and more of a comment.

Beret Guy: I guess it’s less of a comment and more of an utterance.

Beret Guy: Really it’s less an utterance more an air pressure wave.

Beret Guy: It’s less an air pressure wave and more a friendly hand wave.

Beret Guy: I guess it’s less a friendly wave than it is a friendly bug.

Beret Guy: I found this bug and now we’re friends. Do you want to meet it?