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August 12, 2019

#2188: E Scooters

E Scooters

[Cueball is getting off his e-scooter, with his bicycle helmet hanging on the handlebars. He has stopped right in front of White Hat who addresses him.]

White Hat: Hey, you got one of those e-scooters!

Cueball: Yeah!

[Cueball is now standing next to the e-scooter holding on to the handlebars with one hand. Both he and White Hat look down at the scooter.]

White Hat: So what do you think? I hear so much about these things.

[A large panel with just White Hat who is spreading his arms out.]

White Hat: Are they impractical and unsafe toys? Or a last-mile transit revolution?

[Closeup on White Hat holding both arms out and up with palms held up.]

White Hat: A low-carbon car replacement? Or Silicon Valley sidewalk clutter?

[In a frame-less panel only Cueball and his e-scooter is shown.]

Cueball: Well, having given it lots of thought, here is my opinion on scooters:

[Cueball is bending at the knees and holding on to the handlebars with both hands as White Hat is looking at him. Cueball starts making machine noises.]

Cueball: Zooooooom!

Cueball: Neeeeeoooormm

Cueball: Vrrrm Vrrmvrmm

Cueball: Wheeee!

[Cueball continues making sounds as in the previous panel. White Hat seems to have taken a step back.]

Cueball: Pew pew pew!

Cueball: Bzzzzt Kaboom!

White Hat: Wait, why are there lasers?

Cueball: Pew!