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July 24, 2019

#2180: Spreadsheets


[Cueball is at his computer. In the air on either side of him are an angel version of Cueball, with a halo and wings, and a devil version of Cueball, with horns and a pitchfork.] [The angel’s dialogue appears in regular print, while the devil’s dialogue appears in white print in black speech balloons.]

Angel: Don’t use a spreadsheet! Do it right.

Devil: But a spreadsheet would be so easy.

Angel: In the long run you’ll regret it!

[Closeup on Cueball, the angel, and the devil.]

Angel: Take the time to write real code.

Devil: Just paste the data! Tinker until it works!

Devil: Build a labyrinth of REGEXREPLACE() and ARRAYFORMULA()!

Devil: Feel the power!

[Closeup on the devil.]

Angel (off-panel): Fight the temptation!

Devil: Ever tried QUERY() in Google Sheets? It lets you treat a block of cells like a database and run SQL queries on them.

[Another shot of Cueball at his computer with the angel and devil at either side.]

Angel: Don’t listen to–

Angel: … wait, really?

Devil: Yes, and let me tell you about IMPORTHTML() …

Angel: Oooh…