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July 19, 2019

#2178: Expiration Date High Score

Expiration Date High Score

[Title up in the panel:]

What’s the most expired item you’ve found in your house?

Calculate your

Expiration Date High Score

(must be something you purchased)

[Equation in a circle:]

Score = (year you found item) minus (year item expired) divided by (your age when you found it), multiplied by 100

[Megan and Cueball talking in a kitchen, with Megan holding a can.]

Megan: These beans expired in 2010! That’s… let’s see… 24.3! New personal best!

Cueball: You’re never going to beat your mom’s jar of pickles from 1978.

Megan: Maybe there are more cans in there. Remind me not to look until 2030.

Cueball: This is the worst competition.