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July 17, 2019

#2177: Gastroenterology


[The first five panels appear in a single row.]

[Ponytail, wearing a lab coat, and a guy wearing a scrubs hat rush in from the right side of the panel. Ponytail is holding a water bottle. There is a desk on the left of the panel with two jars.]

Hat guy: Hurry, they’re right behind us!

[Zoom in on Ponytail, behind the desk, pouring the two smaller jars into the water bottle.]

An arrow points to the left jar: Probiotic

An arrow points to the right jar: Antibiotic

[A borderless panel. Zoom out on Ponytail shaking the water bottle to mix the two substances.]

Shake Shake Shake

[Ponytail throws the water bottle toward the right side of the panel, at something off-screen.]

[Hat guy and Ponytail run toward the left side of the panel, as the water bottle explodes.]


[The last panel is the only panel in its row, appearing at the far right end of the row and slightly narrower than the fifth panel above it.]

[Megan and Ponytail sitting at a table, facing each other, having a meal.]

Megan: So what’s gastroenterology like?

Ponytail: Pretty boring. Lotta paperwork.