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July 15, 2019

#2176: How Hacking Works

How Hacking Works

[Two panels with a caption below each panel:]

[Three masked characters standing near a desk with a computer inside a home. One of the masked characters is holding a notebook.]

Masked Character 1 [holding a walkie-talkie]: Control, we have flown to the USA and breached the target’s house.

Masked Character 2: They wrote all their passwords in a book labeled “Passwords”!

Masked Character 3: The fool!

[Caption below the panel:]

How people think hacking works

[Two Cueball-like characters, each sitting on opposite sides of a single desk with laptops in front of them]

Cueball 1: Hey look, someone leaked the emails and passwords from the Smash Mouth message boards.

Cueball 2: Cool, let’s try them all on Venmo.

[Caption below the panel:]

How it actually works