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July 12, 2019

#2175: Flag Interpretation

Flag Interpretation

[8 panels in 2 rows, 4 panels per row - each panel shows a flagpole in a different state of flying flag(s) with a caption at the bottom of the panel below the flagpole.]

[The US flag at half mast.]

Caption: Someone important died

[The same flag at three-quarter mast.]

Caption: Someone died but we’re not sure how we feel about them

[The flag at the base of the mast.]

Caption: Everyone important died

[Two identical flags at full mast.]

Caption: Someone important was successfully cloned

[Two identical flags at half mast.]

Caption: An important person died battling their evil clone

[An upside-down flag at half mast.]

Caption: Nobody has died for weeks and that seems good but statistically it’s very alarming.

[A normal-sized flag at half mast and five tiny flags at full mast.]

Caption: Someone diverted a trolley to save five people by killing one important person

[A flagpole with no flag.]

Caption: The person who knows where the flag is stored at night died.