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July 10, 2019

#2174: First News Memory

First News Memory

[Ponytail, Cueball, Megan, Hairy, White Hat, Black Hat and Hairbun are all at a party, discussing their earliest news memories.]

[Panel with Ponytail, Cueball, Megan, and Hairy]

Ponytail: What’s your first news memory?

Cueball: I always like this question! Mine was the 1988 election.

Megan: Berlin wall for me. You?

[Frame-less panel with Megan, Hairy, White Hat, and Black Hat]

Hairy: Watching the Challenger launch in class. We were so excited; everyone was horrified when it blew up.

Hairy: It was 1995.

Hairy: Our teacher got fired soon after.

[Panel with Hairy, White Hat, Black Hat, and Hairbun]

White Hat: Mine’s the 2016 election.

Hairbun: …aren’t you in your 30’s?

White Hat: Look, we’re not all great about keeping up with the news, OK?

[Panel with White Hat, Black Hat, and Hairbun]

Black Hat: My first memory is when we landed on the moon.

Black Hat: My second memory is my mom telling us we were moving to Earth instead, to blend in with the humans.

Hairbun: This explains a lot.