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June 14, 2019

#2163: Chernobyl


[Ponytail and White Hat facing each other.]

Ponytail: Did you like Chernobyl?

White Hat: Yeah!

White Hat: But I still don’t understand the meltdown. Can you explain it…simpler?

[Zoom in to closeup of Ponytail holding one hand out with palm up, with White Hat off-panel to the right.]

Ponytail: Well, the graphite–

White Hat (off-panel): Already too complicated.

Ponytail: Uh…they put the reactor in an unstable–

White Hat (off-panel): Nope, sorry.

[Zoom back out to full view of Ponytail and White Hat, with Ponytail holding hand to her chin.]

Ponytail: Hmm, ok.

Ponytail: Long ago, humans banged rocks together to make fire.

White Hat: Ok…

[Full view of Ponytail and White Hat, who has both hands held straight out to both sides.]

Ponytail: 30 years ago, we banged some rocks together too hard.

White Hat: Oh no!

Ponytail: Yeah, we messed up real bad.