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May 29, 2019

#2156: Ufo


[Mulder from The X-Files depicted as Hairy sits in his office chair at his desk and points to his computer screen while looking over his shoulder and addressing Scully off-panel, who replies.]

Mulder: Hey Scully, have you seen these Navy UFO videos?

Scully (off-panel): Oh, the History Channel thing?

[In a frame-less panel, Scully walks in from the right towards Mulder, who has turned around in his chair facing towards her (the desk is not included). He is leaning on the back of the chair with one arm. Scully has shoulder length hair, not similar to any of the regular women in xkcd.]

Scully: I don’t know about the other two videos, but in one of them, if you take the angles and ranges on the HUD and do a little geometry, it kind of suggests the object isn’t really moving. It just looks like it because the plane’s camera is panning.

[Zoom in on Scully.]

Scully: The pilots got excited for the same reason we did. Then the media got into it.

Scully: But I think what they saw was a round, white object floating at 13,000 feet.

[Zoom out again to shown that Mulder sits straight up in his chair with hands in his lap and the desk with computer behind him. Scully stand in front of him.]

Mulder: So your theory is that the military claims to have footage of aliens, but you think it’s a giant cover-up to hide that it’s a weather balloon?

Scully: Some kind of balloon, yes.

Mulder: Pretty weird conspiracy.

Scully: Maybe the shadowy forces that control the world just want to believe, too.