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May 22, 2019

#2153: Effects of High Altitude

Effects of High Altitude

Effects of High Altitude

How life is different at one mile above sea level

(e.g. in Denver)

[Eight small panels, each containing an image with a caption at the top:]

[A pot on a stovetop, with steam rising from the pot]

Water boils at 202°F

[A baseball flying through the air]

Baseballs and golf balls fly 5-10% farther

[Five wavy arrows hitting a curved surface, two at a low point and three at a high point]

Sunburns develop significantly faster

[Scrabble tiles for letters Q, X and Y with point values 12, 9 and 5, respectively]

Scrabble letters are worth 16% more

[Cueball looking down at a broken hand mirror on the floor]

Breaking a mirror only causes 5½ years of bad luck

[Cueball and Megan are talking. Megan is gesturing]

40 is the new 28

Megan: 50 is the new 40, and when you account for elevation it’s more like 37.

[Five black balloons floating]

Nuclear war can be started with only 94 red balloons.

[Cueball and Ponytail are talking. Ponytail is looking at her phone]

People make marijuana jokes slightly earlier

Cueball: Hey, what time is it?

Ponytail: 4:17 Blaze it!