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May 1, 2019

#2144: Adjusting a Chair

Adjusting a Chair

[Cueball is shown adjusting a chair by pressing a button on the bottom of the chair. There is a caption in a frame over the top of the panel:]

Adjusting a chair:

[The seat back of the chair swings backward with him rather fast as shown by a few movement lines.]

Chair: Clunk

[Cueball leans forward against the new chair position and presses another button.]

[The chair extends to several times its previous height, very fast as shown by many lines beneath the seat.]

Chair: Hiss

[At the top of this very high seat Cueball leans forward and presses another button.]

[The seat expands in all directions, so Cueball only sits in the middle of it with his legs on top of the inflated cushion.]

Chair: Poof

[The chair is now a massive contraption. It has 5 bases, each with wheels as the original chair. The main’s seat is in the middle of the contraption with a single trunk going up from the five bases connecting them and the large cushion of the seat. Two entire chairs are branching out from underneath this central seat, they are each hanging in a thin wire more or less upside down to each side of the main trunk. Two poles are coming up from the central seat, each with a new seat and two back-to-back seat backs. Yet another seat is supported by a thin rod connecting the two top seats, looking almost like a table between the two chairs. Cueball is still on the main seat’s cushion. He is holding on to one of the poles above him as he leans down and attempts to press yet another button beneath the seat. There is a caption in a frame over the top of the panel:]

Two hours later…