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April 8, 2019

#2134: Too Much Talking

Too Much Talking

[Cueball is walking into the panel from the right]

Off-screen: How was the party?

Cueball: Taaalkiiiiiiing

Cueball: Blablablabla

Cueball: I talked so much. Too much? Probably.

Cueball: My face is tired.

[Cueball moving to retreat under a bed]

Cueball: So many conversations.

Cueball: I’m worried that all my opinions are bad. Why did I talk so much?

Cueball: Time to hide under my bed and never speak to another human again.

[The bed is shown, presumably with Cueball under it.]

Five minutes later…

[Cueball crawling out from under the bed]

Cueball: I have some new opinions.

Off-screen: That didn’t take long.