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April 5, 2019

#2133: EHT Black Hole Picture

EHT Black Hole Picture

[Cueball is standing behind a lectern, with “Press Conference” and the EHT logo displayed on a projector screen behind him.]

Cueball: We linked up our observatories, got everything aligned, and there it was:

Cueball: The first image of a black hole!

[Zoom in on Cueball. A question is asked from off panel.]

Off-panel question: Can you share the picture?

Cueball: Well, here’s the thing…

[Cueball lifts his arm holding his hand with its palm up.]

Cueball: Turns out our telescope feed is like Pinterest, where you can’t right-click to save an image.

Cueball: So we tried to take a screenshot, but the key combination kept turning off the display instead.

[Zoom back out to show that the image on the projector screen has changed to show a blurry picture of a white computer screen against a black background. The EHT logo remains at the bottom of the projector screen.]

Cueball: I grabbed my phone and tried to take a picture of the screen, but I was too slow. The observation had ended.

Cueball: We’re planning to try again next year, and we’ll definitely record the screen this time.