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April 26, 2019

#2142: Dangerous Fields

Dangerous Fields

[A line chart is shown going from left to right with two arrows on either side. On the line are ten dots spread out unevenly from close to each end. The first four dots are clustered together on the left side. Then follows 5 more dots unevenly spaced, all to the left of center. On the far right of the line, near the end, there is one dot. Beneath each dot, there goes a line down to a label written beneath each line. Above the chart, there is a big title and below that is an explanation. Below that again, there is a small arrow pointing to the right with a label above it.]

Probability that you’ll be killed by the thing you study

By field

[Arrow pointing right, labeled:]

More likely

[Labels for the ten dots from left to right:]

Mathematics (0 pixels from first field, 0.00% of overall range of fields)

Astronomy (9px, 1.35%)

Economics (16px, 2.40%)

Law (22px, 3.30%)

Criminology (77px, 11.56%)

Meteorology (96px, 14.41%)

Chemistry (156px, 23.42%)

Marine Biology (166px, 24.92%)

Volcanology (206px, 30.93%)

Gerontology (666px, 100.00%)