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April 17, 2019

#2138: Wanna See the Code?

Wanna See the Code?

[Cueball is walking, talking to Ponytail, who is offscreen.]

Cueball: I wrote a script to automate that thing.

Ponytail: Oh cool!

Ponytail: …wait, you wrote it?

Ponytail: Oh no.

[Cueball and Ponytail are standing next to each other and talking.]

Cueball: Wanna see the code?

Ponytail: I would, if you hadn’t said that in the tone of voice of “Wanna see a dead body?”

[Same scene as before, except Cueball has his hand on his chin.]

Cueball: My code is sort of similar to a dead body, in that you can either come look at it now, or wait a few weeks until it becomes a problem.

Ponytail: And because you’re lucky that the people around you understand that they create more problems than they solve.