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March 8, 2019

#2121: Light Pollution

Light Pollution

[Four views of the night sky are shown in separate panels. They look more like photographs than drawn comics. A caption at the top reads:]

Light Pollution and the Disappearing Night Sky

[The first view shows only a few bright stars visible on a fairly light gray-brownish background. The inline text on the left top is:]

High Light Pollution


[In the second view more stars, and hints of a few galactic clouds, are visible against a dark-gray background.]

Moderate Light Pollution


[A lot of stars in the third image, some partly colored, and a clear view of the Milky Way.]

Low Light Pollution

(Very remote areas)

[The fourth and last image shows even more stars and brighter colors. A slightly fuzzy illuminated triangular grid overlays the entire sky. Embedded within it are three ghostly silhouettes of celestial sailing ships. The text on the top left reads:]

No Light Pollution

(How the sky should look)

[Four arrows are pointing to some triangles:]

Lattice of the crystal spheres

[Three arrows are indicating the sailing ships:]

Ships of the Sky King