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March 25, 2019

#2128: New Robot

New Robot

[Ponytail is standing on a raised platform with a robot behind her, talking to someone off-screen. The spherical floating robot is equipped with a grappling gun and an antenna that “zaps” a lightning bolt at the floor below it.]

Robot: ZAP

Ponytail: Our robot floats using a helium sphere, which is highly charged and can induce lightning strikes.

Ponytail: It moves using a grappling gun like the hook shot from Zelda.

Off-screen voice: What is the robot for?

Ponytail: Uh

Ponytail: It could help with search and rescue after disasters.

[Caption below the panel:]

“It could help with search and rescue” is engineer-speak for “we just realized we need a justification for our cool robot.”