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March 15, 2019

#2124: Space Mission Hearing

Space Mission Hearing

[Megan and Ponytail are standing and talking.]

Ponytail: All ready for the hearing? Let’s go over things one more time.

Ponytail: ahem

Ponytail: What is the main reason to fund this mission?

[Close-up of Megan.]

Megan: It will significantly advance out long-term goal of better understanding the formation and evolution of the Solar System, while fulfulling our mandate to develop a new generation of interplanetary spacecraft.

Ponytail (off-panel): Great.

[Megan and Ponytail are standing and talking. Megan’s arms are raised.]

Megan: And because it’s space!

Megan: Spaaaaaace.

Megan: Pew pew pew!

Megan: Space!

Ponytail: Dial it back.