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March 11, 2019

#2122: Size Venn Diagram

Size Venn Diagram

[A Venn diagram with five sets titled ‘Big’, ‘Little’, ‘Large’, ‘Small’ and ‘Great’. Various words which can be prefixed by these titles are shown in the relevant segment.]

Big: Bang Theory, Enchilada, Board, Sur

Little: Orphan Annie, House on the Prairie, Richard

Large: format, Millimeter Telescope, Hadron Collider

Small: claims court, potatoes

Great: Barrier Reef, Wall of China, Depression, Terror, aunt

Big/Great: Bend, Bear Lake

Big/Small: time, screen

Big/Little: Dipper, Planet, lies, sister

Little/Great: Blue Heron

Little/Large: Professor, Forest Bat

Big/Large: Toothed Aspen

Large/Small: intestine, Magellanic Cloud

Little/Small: wonder, soldiers

Small/Great: pox, cardiac vein

Large/Great: Billed Seed Finch

Big/Large/Great: hearted

Big/Small/Great: end

Big/Little/Small: foot

Big/Little/Great: league

Little/Large/Great: (none)

Big/Little/Large: foundation

Big/Large/Small: Eyed Conger, Blue

Little/Large/Small: emerald

Little/Small/Great: circle, room

Large/Small/Great: flying fox

Big/Large/Small/Great: game, white

Big/Little/Small/Great : world, one

Big/Little/Large/Great : (none)

Big/Little/Large/Small : frog

Little/Large/Small/Great : (none)

Big/Little/Large/Small/Great: Island