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February 15, 2019

#2112: Night Shift

Night Shift

[Comments with peoples’ profile pictures in front of them are shown in white comment boxes on a gray background.]

Cueball: The Atlantic Ocean is big

Ponytail: The Pacific is even bigger

Cueball With Full Body Profile Picture (WFBPP): They’re both very big

Megan: A lot of people have TVs

Hairbun: Some people don’t

Megan: Yeah, that’s true

Cueball: 24 isn’t a prime number

Cueball WFBPP: Neither is 25

Hairbun: Have you ever been to Colorado?

Megan: No

Cueball WFBPP: No

Cueball: Yeah

Ponytail: No

[Caption below the panel:]

My phone has a night shift mode to help me sleep, but instead of reducing the intensity of blue light, it reduces the intensity of opinions.