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February 13, 2019

#2111: Opportunity Rover

Opportunity Rover

[White Hat is watching while Science Girl and Cueball in the background hold their smartphones up to use them as cameras. A narrator (Randall) comments with text above them:]

Narrator: Some people complain that we see the world through our cameras.

White Hat: Kids these days…

[Cueball points to the left with his hand while shouting and holding his other hand up near his mouth. Again there is narrating text, both above and below this time.]

Narrator: But for me, the really exciting part of finding something new

Cueball: Wow, you gotta come see this!

Narrator: has always been showing it to others.

[A black panel shows a space probe approaching a planet. White narrating text is above and below.]

Exploring an entire new world

would already be the adventure of a lifetime.

Imagine having the chance to share every new sight

[A queue of seven people is seen following a rover driving in front of them on a rock filled landscape. Its track is shown behind it. The people do not leave foot prints though. The rover speaks. At the top of the panel there is a last narrating text inside a small box across the top of the panel. The seven people are Cueball, Science Girl, Hairy (looking back), another Cueball holding his hand to his chin, Ponytail and finally Megan, who points forward.]

Narrator: with seven billion friends.

Rover: …and here’s a trench I dug with my wheel, and here’s where a dust devil went right past me, and over there is the biggest cliff I’ve ever seen, and this is…