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December 9, 2019

#2239: Data Error

Data Error

[Megan is talking to Black Hat.]

Megan: I can’t believe this data error invalidates a year and a half of my research.

Megan: I was about to publish.

[In a frame-less panel Black Hat replies while holding two fingers up one on either hand.]

Black Hat: Don’t panic. You have two options.

Megan: Yeah?

[Closeup shot of Black Hat holding one hand out with the palm up.]

Black Hat: 1) Redo your analysis and share whatever results you can, whether positive or negative. It’s disappointing, but these things happen.

[Zoom out on Black Hat and Megan. Black Hat holds his closed fist up in front of him. Megan throws both arms up in the air.]

Black Hat: 2) Destroy the evidence. Use your materials and research methods to build a superweapon. Conquer Earth and rule with an iron fist.

Megan: Tremble before my anomalously productive algae!

Megan: Except the anomaly was an artifact.

Megan: Tremble before my normal algae!