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December 6, 2019

#2238: Flu Shot

Flu Shot

[Megan is walking with bother her hands held up in fists. She talks to Cueball who replies to her from off-panel. His presence is revealed in the second panel.]

Megan: Yesss, I got my flu shot.

Cueball (off-panel): Nice! I got mine a few weeks ago.

Cueball (off-panel): Immunity buddies!

[Megan spreading her arms wide in front of Cueball.]

Megan: Now I can finally get bitten by all the bats I want!

Cueball: No, that’s rabies, that’s not what-

[Closeup of Megan’s head, with Cueball’s reply coming from off-panel.]

Megan: I’ll be able to roll and play in the poison ivy without a care in the world!

Cueball (off-panel): Why would you do that even if the shot did-

[In a frame-less panel Megan is flexing her arms holding her fists up, she has turned partly away from Cueball who looks at her.]

Megan: No more slathering on sunscreen. No more rushing for antivenom after a snakebite. And now I can stop wasting time boiling contaminated water before drinking it!

[Megan is running away from Cueball, while she is holding one arm up, her hand making the like symbol with a thumbs up.]

Megan: Gonna click on every URL in every email I get, even the ones with IP addresses and weird Unicode in them!

Cueball: You know what, sure, go for it.