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December 13, 2019

#2241: Brussels Sprouts Mandela Effect

Brussels Sprouts Mandela Effect

[Cueball is standing between Ponytail and Megan talking to them.]

Cueball: I always thought of Brussels sprouts as terrible, but they’re actually really good! I can’t believe I let everyone mislead me!

[In a frame-less panel Megan replies. Below her is a footnote with a citation to back up her statement.]

Megan: It’s not just you! Farmers developed a less-bitter cultivar like 15 years ago.*


[Back to all three as Megan continues to explain while holding her arms away from her.]

Megan: Now the whole world is having this revelation, one person at a time. It’s like a real Mandela effect. We secretly switched to the parallel universe where Brussels sprouts taste good.

Cueball: Cool.

[Ponytail lifts a finger as Cueball and Megan turns to look at her.]

Ponytail: Also, licorice is good now.

Cueball: Whoa, really?

Megan: This is a trap.

Ponytail: And those silica gel packets that say “Do not eat”? Delicious.

Cueball: I knew it.