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November 20, 2019

#2231: The Time Before and After Land

The Time Before and After Land

[Caption at top of panel:]

(Timeline not to scale)

[A timeline is shown with two endpoints and five other points. The points are labeled:]

Big Bang

Rocky planets form

Earth forms

Ground-nesting bees evolve

The Land Before Time

Thymus genus diverges


[Below the timeline are five overlapping time periods in three rows. The text is between two thick black bars. The time periods all start and end at two different points.]

[Big Bang to Rocky Planets Form:]

The Time Before Land

[Big Bang to Ground-Nesting Bees Evolve:]

The Time Before bees

[Rocky Planets Form to Thymus Genus Diverges:]

The Land Before Thyme

[Ground-Nesting Bees evolve to Now:]

Time for Land Bees!

[Thymus Genus Diverges to Now:]

Bees Land on Thyme