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October 7, 2019

#2212: Cell Phone Functions

Cell Phone Functions

[A graph with time on the x-axis and items Randall replaced with his smartphone on the y-axis. For each item, the time he (allegedly) replaced it is marked; the marks form a jagged line down the graph, roughly sorted by when he switched. The regions are marked]

I have a specific device for this


I just use my phone

[items where the switch-over date is in the past:]


Web Browser




TV Remote

Credit Card

Car Key

[items where the switch-over date is in the future:]

Dog Leash

Steering Wheel


Cheese Grater


Nail Clipper

Electric Drill


[The x-axis (time) shows at point labelled as ’now’ roughly halfway along the graph, a grey dashed line runs vertically down the whole graph. Car Keys have just been replaced by a phone, all other items listed below that have yet to be replaced. For the most part the gradient of the trend is constant at around -1. The last item (Toothbrush) is replaced before the penultimate item (Electric Drill)]