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October 4, 2019

#2211: Hours Before Departure

Hours Before Departure

[Three Cueball-like astronauts with space helmets are walking toward the back side of a van with the rear door open. There is a logo with text on the side of the van. The front of the van is off-panel. Above them is a time and below that a description.]

6:27 AM

Crew departs for launch site

Logo: NASA

[A rocket launch pad with the rocket in the process of taking off, having lifted its exhaust to about a third of the height of the support tower. Smoke is billowing everywhere around the launch pad from the exhaust of the rocket. Above the rocket is a time and below that a description.]

9:32 AM


[Caption beneath the panel:]

I know I tend to arrive too early at the airport, but it still weirds me out that Neil Armstrong left for the launch site just three hours before departure.