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October 25, 2019

#2220: Imagine Going Back in Time

Imagine Going Back in Time

[Cueball talks to Megan while looking at his smart phone.]

Cueball: Ugh. A player named “Reelect Trump 2020” put a frog Pokemon in the gym next to mine.

[Megan puts her hand to her face. Cueball is holding a device in his hand with an antenna. He uses the other hand to move a stick on the device.]

Megan: Imagine going back in time and saying that to yourself 20 years ago.

Cueball: Oh, I have a time machine! I’ll try that.

[A sound effect between panels, likely the sound of Cueball’s time machine.]


[Two Cueballs standing, facing each other. The one on the right is holding the handheld device, and is thus Cueball from 2019. He is apparently repeating his statement to the other Cueball from 1999, with only the last 3 words shown. He gestures towards the left Cueball. Above the left Cueball there is a frame with a caption:]


Cueball from 2019: …next to mine.

[Cueball from 1999 is shown, with Cueball from 2019 speaking off panel.]

Cueball from 1999: I see.

Cueball from 1999: Pokemon is still popular in 2019?

Cueball from 2019: Yeah.

[Cueball from 2019 is holding a finger up in front of Cueball from 1999.]

Cueball from 1999: And it’s cool for people your age to play it?

Cueball from 2019: OK, I did not come here to be mocked.

Cueball from 1999: This is a sobering cautionary tale.

Cueball from 2019: Listen, self…