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October 21, 2019

#2218: Wardrobe


[Megan is entering into an open wardrobe, while Cueball stands outside.]

Megan: I’ll go ask.

Megan: You wait here.

[Cueball stands outside the now-closed wardrobe.]

[In a frame-less panel Cueball keeps standing outside the closed wardrobe with voices heard from inside the wardrobe. The characters talking are inferred from the context.]

Mr. Tumnus (from inside wardrobe): Halt! Who goes there?

Megan (from inside wardrobe): Hey Tumnus. Quick question.

Mr. Tumnus (from inside wardrobe): Yes?

[Cueball is walking away from the closed wardrobe. Voices can still be heard from inside the wardrobe.]

Megan (from inside wardrobe): Is Narnia in the E.U.?

Mr. Tumnus (from inside wardrobe): Yes, we joined after you did.

Megan (from inside wardrobe): Oh great, another border to deal with.

Cueball: I’ll go find a lock for the door.