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October 2, 2019

#2210: College Athletes

College Athletes

[Cueball, Ponytail and White Hat are having a conversation. Ponytail is checking her phone.]

Ponytail: Oh, huh. California passed a law giving college athletes full rights to their names and images.

White Hat: Good, I think?

[Cueball holds his hand up in a fist, while Ponytail, holding her phone down, and White Hat looks at him.]

Cueball: That’s nothing. Our state gave college players rights to use the names and images of any California athletes.

Ponytail: It did not.

[In a frame-less panel Cueball holds his hands out, Ponytail’s phone is gone and White Hat puts a hand to his chin.]

Cueball: Sure it did!

Cueball: That’s how our school fielded a basketball team made up entirely of Steph Currys.

White Hat: Or is the plural “Stephs Curry”?

[Cueball holds both hands up in front of him. Ponytail has her arms down but she is balling her hands into fists.]

Cueball: They didn’t all copy the original Steph, though. One player got the rights to his name, then the next player got it from them, and so on.

Cueball: This process is known as “currying”.

Ponytail: …I hate you so much.