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January 25, 2019

#2103: Midcontinent Rift System

Midcontinent Rift System

[A map of North America shows the Midcontinent Rift System as a red line curving through the Great Lakes and down through the midwestern United States.]

1.1 billion years ago, the North American continent began to split in half.

[Black Hat stands at a lectern with a “Vote 2020” sign on it. He gestures to an image of the globe with a giant crowbar inserted in the rift with an arrow indicating applying pressure to widen the rift.]

Black Hat: We don’t know why it stopped. If elected, I vow to finish the job. Thank you.

[Ponytail, Black Hat, Megan, and Cueball walk to the right away from a set of stairs. Cueball is looking at a phone and Ponytail is looking at a device or paper with writing on it.]

Ponytail: Great job up there.

Black Hat: Thanks! How are my polling numbers?

Ponytail: Well, I’m seeing some weakness in the Midwest.

Black Hat: So am I. So am I.