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January 23, 2019

#2102: Internet Archive

Internet Archive

[Ponytail and Cueball are walking to the right.]

Ponytail: The Internet Archive is so weird. If it didn’t exist, it would sound totally implausible.

Cueball: Seriously.

[Ponytail and Cueball continue walking to the right.]

Cueball: Do you ever worry about how reliant we are on systems that someone happens to maintain for some reason but which could disappear at any time?

[Ponytail and Cueball are seen in silhouette from a distance.]

Ponytail: Yeah - the same thing freaks me out about having a body.

Cueball: I know, right?? I don’t even know what half these parts do!

Ponytail: And yet if they stop, we die!

Cueball: Probably best not to think about it.