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September 5, 2018

#2042: Rolle's Theorem

Rolle's Theorem

[A single framed picture shows a colored x-y-graph with a text above:]

Rolle’s Theorem

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Rolle’s theorem states that any real, differentiable function that has the same value at two different points must have at least one “stationary point” between them where the slope is zero.

[The graph shows a sine like curve in blue intersecting the x-axis at points “a” and “b” marked in red while in the middle a point “c” has a vertical dashed green line to the apex and on top also in green f’(c)=0 is drawn with a horizontal tangent line.]

[Caption below the frame:]

Every now and then, I feel like the math equivalent of the clueless art museum visitor squinting at a painting and saying “c’mon, my kid could make that.”